Ways to contribute

Guidelines for contributing to Encore

We’re so excited that you are interested in contributing to Encore! All contributions are welcome, and there are several valuable ways to contribute.

Open Source Project

If you want to contribute to the Encore Open Source project, you can submit a pull request on GitHub.

Report issues

If you have run into an issue or think you’ve found a bug, please report it via the issue tracker.

Add or update docs

If there’s something you think would be helpful to add to the docs or if there’s something that seems out of date, we appreciate your input. You can view the docs and contribute fixes or improvements directly in GitHub.

You can also email your feedback to us at [email protected].

Blog posts

If you’ve built something cool using Encore, we’d really like you to talk about it! We love it when developers share their projects on blogs and on Twitter.

Use the hashtag #builtwithencore and we’ll have easier time finding your work. – We might also showcase it on the Encore Twitter account!

Meetups & Workshops

Organizing a meetup or workshop is a great way to connect with other developers using Encore. It can also be a great first step in trying out Encore for development in your company or other professional organization.

If you want help with organizing or planning an event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected].