Plans & Billing

Encore comes with a free-forever Idea plan for prototyping, hobby projects, and small-scale use. When you have a more ambitious project, there are paid Team and Enterprise plans available to support your use case.

See the pricing page for a feature comparison between each plan.

When do I need to upgrade to a paid plan?

The free plan comes with certain limitations, and should your needs exceed one or more of them, you may wish to upgrade to a paid plan:

  • When you have more than 2 team members
  • When you want to use a Custom Domain
  • When you need multiple concurrent builds
  • When you need guaranteed logs & tracing retention
  • When you want access to private support & onboarding assistance
  • When you want to customize performance characteristics for preview and development environments hosted on Encore Cloud.

Currently, there are no hard paywalls and you can access all Encore features without creating a paid plan. This is a good way to try out Encore and learn if it's for you. When you've decided to use Encore, contact us to upgrade your account.

Do I need to pay for hosting?

All plans come with free use of Encore Cloud, subject to Fair Use limits. Encore Cloud is intended for Preview Environments, development, and non-business-critical use.

For production use or other use cases where database reliability is important, you should always use your own cloud account. When you connect your own cloud account, you will pay for any usage directly to your cloud provider. (This means Encore has no incentive to increase your usage, and can instead build tools to help you reduce your cloud bill.)

Payments & Billing FAQ

What is the price of the paid plans?

The Team plan has a fixed price per team member and month. See the pricing page for more details.

The Enterprise plan is intended for larger organizations with specific needs, please contact us for pricing.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we offer payments via Stripe using all major credit cards.

Contact us if you wish to upgrade to a paid plan.

Can I pay annually?

Yes, we offer both monthly and annual subscriptions.

What happens if my payment fails?

If your payment fails, everything will keep working as normal! We will reach out to you with instructions on how to update your payment information so that we can try to process your payment again. We will not downgrade your account without prior notice.