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Encore is the fastest way to build backend APIs.
Write pure business logic. No infrastructure to manage.

package hello
import "context"
type Response struct {
Message string
// World responds with a familiar message.
// encore:api public
func World(ctx context.Context) (*Responseerror{
return &Response{Message"Hello, world!"},  nil

Avoid boilerplate of complicated service setup. Treat APIs as just another function. Get generated high-quality API documentation.


Run your whole app with a single command. We take care of the orchestration. Works the same way locally as in production, with zero configuration.


Get continuous delivery out of the box with the latest Serverless technology. Get a fully managed environment with no infrastructure to manage.

A better way to build APIs

Write plain functions and we'll take it from there. Zero configuration required.

Build at the speed of thought

With Encore you can write pure business logic. We'll take care of building, deploying, and running your code. No need to worry about managing any infrastructure.

  • APIs as functions

    Write APIs as plain functions, that receive and respond with data.
    Call other APIs like you would regular functions.

  • No Boilerplate

    Don't spend time copy-pasting YAML files when you could be building your app. Encore handles build & deployment, service discovery, configuring databases, and more.

  • Write once, run everywhere

    Write your code once and run it everywhere: locally, in staging and production. Environments stay in sync always.

Easy collaboration

Effortlessly collaborate with others. With automatic API documentation, generated API clients, working together has never been easier.

  • API Documentation

    Automatically get fantastic API documentation for your application.

  • Preview Environments

    Every pull request gets a dedicated environment for testing out the changes. Updates automatically on every push.

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