The only framework that understands what you’re creating.

Get a smoother backend workflow, from idea to production. Encore uses source code analysis to radically simplify your development experience.

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Getting started

Immediate setup

Get the right infrastructure for local development, testing, and production. Encore sets up your Kubernetes clusters, provisions databases, configures build and deploy systems, and more.

automated infrastructure


Code without boilerplate

Writing your backend with Encore requires virtually no boilerplate. Defining APIs, microservices, and making API calls takes no time at all.

  • Call APIs as functions
  • Immediate auto-complete
  • Compile-time checking
package hello
import "context"
type Response struct {
Message string
// World responds with a familiar message.
// encore:api public
func World(ctx context.Context) (*Responseerror{
return &Response{Message"Hello, world!"},  nil


Go faster with Preview Environments

Encore automatically sets up each PR as its own isolated test environment for easy collaboration.

preview environments


Effortless Distributed Tracing

Encore automatically instruments your app with state of the art Distributed Tracing to easily find and fix bugs. Works in production and for development.

Distributed tracing with Encore


Next generation serverless deploys

Stop worrying about complicated chains of individual functions, Encore handles the serverless orchestration of your whole application. Ship your application in seconds using the cloud of your choice.

serverless deploys with Encore

There's a whole lot more.

  • Authentication

    Built in support for authentication. Works with external user stores or your own.

  • Live Reload

    Automatically recompiles and restarts your app for even faster iterations.

  • Preview Environments

    Each PR becomes its own, isolated test environment for easy collaboration.

  • API Documentation

    High-quality API docs, generated straight from your source code.

  • Observability

    Out-of-the-box monitoring, logging and tracing — so you can sleep at night.

  • Secrets

    We've made securely storing passwords simpler than ever.

Encore is so much more than a backend framework! It enables us at Mindhackers to focus on building a great product. Having over 8 years of backend development experience, I’ve never been able to pick up something this fast and be productive in under 1 hour. Encore is a new lifestyle.

Not another no-code tool

Most low-code and no-code tools promise the world, but get abandoned when your application grows. Not so with Encore. Encore offers a real programming environment with the full power and flexibility that comes with it.

“I don't even know where to begin. This is what development should be like. WOW.”

— Early Encore customer

Designed for Google scale

With Encore you write your apps using Go, a modern programming language developed by Google to make backend development simpler. Rapidly growing and designed to be easy to learn,
Go is the language of the cloud.

Runs on your favorite cloud

Develop your app for free using Encore's cloud. When it's time to scale, easily deploy to your preferred cloud provider: AWS, Azure, or GCP. Encore will provision all the necessary infrastructure resources.

No cloud lock-in
Encore applications are cloud-agnostic by design. Easily deploy hybrid cloud applications, or migrate between clouds.
Don't trust us
Keep your existing trust relationship with your cloud provider.
Your app, your data.
Deploy your Encore app to any cloud

Peace of mind included.

Reliable platform
Encore runs on the world's leading cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and GCP. Built by ex-Spotify engineers, Encore is designed for highly available distributed systems.
Global scale
Scale from zero to millions of users without breaking a sweat. Your app auto-scales up and down to handle the load without wasting resources.
Predictable pricing
Pay a fixed monthly price without hidden costs. Stop worrying about big cloud bills; use of Encore's cloud for development is included for free.
Security and compliance
Keep your data protected. Our platform provisions infrastructure according to industry standards. Bring your own cloud for additional peace of mind.

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