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Discover some of the exciting products developed using Encore.

Pave Bank

Founded by some of the early employees from Monzo, Pave is the next-generation programmable bank.


Bookshop.org is an innovative online book retailer connecting readers with independent booksellers globally.


Dutch connects pet owners with veterinarians 24/7 by providing an online platform for vet care and prescriptions.


Alba is the open platform for generative art on Etherium.


Caribou provides a new way for multi-entity companies to work with intragroup agreements and transfer pricing policies.


Carla is a leading online marketplace for used electric vehicles.


Skrym is an AI powered logistics platform helping retailers and logistics companies send less air by using optimized packaging.


Alguna unifies your quote-to-revenue process by automating complex pricing, quoting, and billing operations.


Lizza enable businesses to sell to their customers directly on social media platforms, like Instagram or WhatsApp, by providing a suite of tools for payments, shipping, and marketing.

Gravity Mobility

Gravity provide innovative electric vehicle charging solutions through their Energy Management & Optimization Platform.


Ensignia provides a practical and efficient way to enable Software Supply Chain Security for applications that run on Kubernetes.


Spark enables anyone, anywhere, to use the blockchain for commerce and payments.


Quiqup's platform powers fulfilment operations, from inventory management to storage, shipping, and returns.

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