Building a scalable AI logistics platform with Go and Encore

Skrym's success in building a next-gen logistics platform using Encore to reduce DevOps by 85%

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Skrym, an innovative Swedish logistics startup, was determined to build their product quickly and efficiently from the ground up. With a team lacking extensive cloud infrastructure experience, Skrym sought a solution that would provide security, stability, and best practices without diverting their focus from product development.

The Challenge

  • Building a reliable, scalable, and secure platform without extensive cloud infrastructure expertise
  • Staying focused on product development while ensuring robust infrastructure management
  • Implementing security and stability best practices without extensive manual work

Picking Encore and GCP as a solution

Skrym chose Encore deployed to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the foundation for their platform, allowing them to:

  • Build their product from the ground up with a secure and stable infrastructure
  • Maintain a laser focus on delivering product quickly, without worrying about platform work
  • Benefit from Encore's standardized approach, which provides security and stability best practices out of the box

The Results

By building their product on Encore, Skrym experienced:

  • Time spent on DevOps reduced by 85%
  • Speed of delivery increased by 2.4x
  • Enhanced confidence in their infrastructure's stability and security

“Encore has been a game-changer, enabling our team to focus on product development without getting distracted by the complexity of cloud infrastructure.”

Jakob NordfeldtCEO at Skrym

"Encore’s standardized solution for implementing microservices means we can trust that our platform is secure and reliable while rapidly shipping features to customers."

Max DanielssonProduct Manager at Skrym


Skrym's success in building a revolutionary logistics platform from scratch using Encore highlights the power of a streamlined infrastructure management solution for startups. By leveraging Encore's built-in security and stability best practices, Skrym was able to fast-track their product development and maintain focus on delivering exceptional value to their customers.

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