Scaling smart – Migrating to GCP without hiring infra engineers

How Carla overcame scaling challenges and quickly migrated to GCP without additional hiring

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Carla, a leading Swedish e-commerce marketplace for electric vehicles, was facing the challenge of scaling their infrastructure to support the fast-growing business. Carla sought a solution that would allow them to scale efficiently on a major cloud provider, without hiring experienced infrastructure engineers.

The Challenge

  • Business growth driving increased infrastructure requirements and complexity
  • Maintaining high-quality customer experiences during rapid growth
  • Balancing meeting business needs and cost of hiring engineers

Picking Encore and GCP as a solution

Carla discovered Encore, the development platform designed to simplify and streamline infrastructure management and backend development. By migrating to Encore and using its tooling to deploy on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Carla was able to:

  • Automate infrastructure provisioning and management, reducing time spent on manual tasks
  • Seamlessly scale their platform to meet increasing customer demands
  • Focus on innovation and improving their core product, rather than spend time on infrastructure maintenance

The Results

Carla experienced a remarkable 10x ROI compared to hiring infrastructure engineers. With the help of Encore, Carla has been able to:

  • Avoid the need to hire infrastructure engineers, saving on recruitment and salary costs
  • Accelerate their development, achieving faster delivery of product improvements
  • Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction as their business continues to grow

“Encore lets us scale both our product and infrastructure footprint, without additional hiring. The ROI we've seen is outstanding, easily 10x.”

Daniel StocksCTO at Carla

“The local development is awesome, I just run 'encore run' and then I have locally what we actually have in production.”

Pawel SlomkaStaff Engineer at Carla


Carla's cost-efficient and successful scaling of their product demonstrates the power of streamlined infrastructure management for growing businesses. By leveraging Encore and deploying to GCP, Carla was able to avoid hiring infrastructure engineers, significantly reduce costs, and maintain an exceptional customer experience during a period of rapid growth.

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