End-to-end tools for building
distributed systems

Encore provides development and DevOps tooling — from running your local environment with hundreds of microservices, to automating deployments in your cloud on AWS & GCP.

Loved by pioneering engineering teams, from fast-moving startups to $100M+ scaleups

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Type-safe infrastructure,
declared in your application code


Encore provides an Open Source Backend SDK that lets you declare infrastructure for building distributed systems and event-driven applications, as type-safe objects in your application.

Encore parses your code to understand the architecture and infrastructure requirements, then orchestrates infrastructure in both your local dev environment and cloud environments on AWS/GCP.

Forget Docker Compose, YAML, and the usual headaches.

encore run is the only command you need

encore run starts your local environment, including all infrastructure. No need to keep track of Docker Compose manifests or other configuration, your code is the source of truth.

The built-in Local Dev Dashboard provides out-of-the-box tools like API explorer, Service Catalog, and Distributed Tracing.

Enjoy every deploy

DevOps automation for your cloud on AWS/GCP

Encore's Cloud Platform provides a seamless workflow with CI/CD, testing, and automatic infrastructure provisioning in your cloud on AWS/GCP.

As your application code is the source of truth for infrastructure requirements, Encore automatically ensures your environments stay in sync.
Integrates withGitHub
> git push
Building application graph 
Generating boilerplate 
Compiling application code 
Running tests 
Provisioning ephemeral environment 

Preview Environments for every PR

Speed up end-to-end testing and collaboration with Encore's automated Preview Environments for each pull requests.
Integrates withVercel
encore bot deployed to Preview just now


Deployed just now
feature: frozzle the sprocket
API Base URLhttps://pr23-mybackend.encr.app

Consistent and secure by default

Encore sets up infrastructure in your cloud using battle-tested services from AWS/GCP, applying best practices for security and scalability. Including automatic management of least-privilege IAM roles.

Review and approve planned changes before each deploy, and customize configuration in Encore's simple dashboard.

You maintain full access to your infrastructure through your cloud provider's console, with all changes automatically synced between Encore and your cloud.
Deploys to
Provisioning infrastructure for production env
Database Clusters (1)
  • sqldb-server-d03802
    Cloud SQL Server
    Google Cloud Platformus-central1
Pub/Sub (1)
  • topic-369942
    Pub/Sub Topic
    Google Cloud Platformglobal
Compute Instances (2)
  • kubernetes-88fc01
    Kubernetes Cluster
    Google Cloud Platformus-central1
  • cloud-run-0aa3a5
    Cloud Run Service
    Google Cloud Platformeu-west1

We built the platform,
so you can build the product


All your environments are automatically provisioned using security best-practices, making great security the default.

No lock-in

Your application is deployed to your own cloud, with no proprietary code or runtime dependencies on Encore. To migrate away, use the Open Source CLI to generate Docker images for your own deployment process.
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Encore deploys your app using battle-tested services from AWS/GCP, ensuring that you can keep growing at any scale.
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cost && time effective

Prioritize your product development by choosing a mature development platform at a fraction of the build-it-yourself price.

Made simple

Break free from the boilerplate and float into the flow with Encore