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When you want a simple development workflow,
so you can focus on building your app.

Free forever

All you need is an email.

  • Unlimited team members
  • Local dev environment with automated infra
  • Local development dashboard
  • Local tracing & test tracing
  • GitHub integration
  • Cloud Service Catalog & API Documentation
  • Team workspace for stored requests
Encore Development Cloud
  • Free dev environments in Encore Cloud (Fair use)
  • CI/CD & Automated testing
  • Secrets management
  • Metrics
  • Distributed tracing
  • Up to 2 Cloud environments
  • 1 Concurrent build
  • 7 Days logs & trace retention
  • Encore Development Cloud:
    100,000 requests/day, 1 GB database storage


When you want a powerful development platform,
with DevOps automation for your cloud on AWS/GCP.

$39 per Member / month

Try for free, cancel anytime. No questions asked.

  • Everything in Free plan
  • AI API creator (Beta)
  • Extended team roles & permissions
  • Custom API domains
  • 30 days logs & trace retention
Encore Development Cloud
  • All features and more usage
  • Multiple concurrent builds
  • Unlimited environments (Fair use)
  • Preview environments per pull request
Cloud DevOps Automation

Connect your cloud account to automate provisioning and DevOps

$99/month per environment + $1.7/month per resource

Resources are your app's services, databases, Pub/Sub topics and subscriptions, cron jobs, caches, and secrets, in each environment.

  • Automatic infra provisioning & deployment
  • Infrastructure tracking & change management
  • Import existing Kubernetes clusters
  • Secrets management
  • Web Application Firewall (Powered by Cloudflare)
  • Integrations with observability providers
  • Cloud cost analytics
  • Email & Community support on Discord
  • Dedicated Onboarding Assistance
  • Private Slack support $299 / month
  • Least privilege IAM management $599 / month
  • Custom team roles & permission $399 / month
  • Customizable limits on Encore Development Cloud

We built the platform,
so you can build the product.


All your environments are automatically provisioned using security best-practices, making great security the default.

No lock-in

Your application is deployed to your own cloud, with no proprietary code or runtime dependencies on Encore. To migrate away, use the Open Source CLI to generate Docker images for your own deployment process.
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Encore deploys your app using battle-tested services from AWS/GCP, ensuring that you can keep growing at any scale.
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cost && time effective

Prioritize your product development by choosing a mature development platform at a fraction of the build-it-yourself price.

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