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  • Continuous Deployment with Git
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  • Serverless APIs & managed databases
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What's included

  • Everything in Pro
  • Enterprise Support & Training
  • Encore Application Audit
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A better way to create.

What our users appreciate most about Encore.

Jump straight to creating customer value

Encore takes care of building, deploying, and running your code in the cloud. You don't need to worry about setting up and managing infrastructure.

Ship features in days, not weeks

Encore is the fastest way of getting new features in front of users, by automating database setup and revolutionising how you create APIs.

Stay productive as you grow

As your team grows, complexity can kill productivity. Encore lets your team collaborate and scale more easily than ever before.

Supports any scale

Built by Ex-Spotify engineers, Encore is designed to support the next global killer app.

Runs on your favorite cloud

Encore works with most major cloud providers, and makes it easy for you to switch.

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