Endless possibilities.
Predictable prices.

With our simple pricing, you only pay per developer. No need to estimate usage hours or volumes.

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For when you only want to write code that makes your idea unique.
Free Forever

  • Automatic infrastructure provisioning: Compute, Databases, PubSub, Cron Jobs, Caches
  • Local Dev Dash
  • Secrets Management
  • Connect your own cloud account for unlimited usage (AWS/GCP)
  • Distributed Tracing
  • Metrics
  • Service Catalog
  • Automatic API Documentation
  • Generated Frontend Clients
  • Flow Architecture Diagrams
  • GitHub Integration
  • Community Slack support
  • Up to 2 team members
  • Up to 2 environments
  • One concurrent build
  • Limited free hosting on Encore Cloud (Fair use)
  • Limited logs & trace retention


For when you want to build and scale your product without backend burdens.
$299 per member / month

You only pay for developers who can commit code to your Encore apps.

Are you an early stage startup?

Startups can get a 12 month discount. Book an intro call to apply.

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  • Everything in Idea
  • Preview Environments
  • Custom API Domains
  • Standard account roles & permissions
  • Email & Private Slack support
  • Dedicated onboarding assistance
What's included?
  • Up to 25 members
  • Unlimited Viewer accounts (free of charge)
  • Unlimited environments
  • Unlimited apps
  • Multiple concurrent builds
  • 30 days logs & trace retention
  • Custom account roles & permissions ($499 per month)


For a grand scale synthesis between clarity and flow.
Tailored to you

  • Everything in Team
  • Custom Infra in Encore Cloud
  • Custom CI/CD
  • Automatic least privilege IAM management
  • SSO & Custom integrations
  • Custom account roles & permissions
  • Encore application audit
  • Pay by invoice
  • Additional support options
What's included?
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited concurrent builds
  • 90 days logs & trace retention

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