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Create your next idea faster, without the headaches.


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What's included

  • Write code without boilerplate
  • Amazing auto-complete
  • Instant compile-time feedback
  • Serverless APIs & managed databases
  • Automatic infrastructure setup
  • Limited free cloud hosting
  • Use your own cloud account: AWS/GCP/Azure
  • Distributed tracing
  • Secrets management
  • Automatic API documentation
  • GitHub integration
  • Community support
  • 1 concurrent build
  • 3 days logs & trace retention


Build and ship your product at lightning speed.

$99/month per member

Billed anually, excl. tax

Start free 30 day trial

What's included

  • Everything in Free
  • Multi-cloud support
  • Automatic cloud cost optimization
  • Premium support
  • 10 concurrent builds
  • 90 days logs & trace retention
  • Unlimited number of traces


Developer productivity and happiness at scale.

Custom pricing

Tailored to your needs.

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What's included

  • Everything in Pro
  • Enterprise support & training
  • Encore application audit
  • SSO & custom integrations
  • Multi-region deployments
  • Unlimited concurrent build
  • Unlimited logs & trace retention

Frequently asked questions

Is Encore Open Source?

Yes. The Encore framework is Open Source under MPL 2.0 license. Learn more

Is Encore Free?

Yes. With our managed service, we offer a free Hobby plan that let's you get started with Encore in minutes, without commitment.

How do you make money?

We offer our Pro and Enterprise plans to organisations that want to use Encore at scale and get all of the benefits, without any hassle.

Do I have to use Encore's cloud?

No. You can use the cloud provider of your choice. Learn more

What about databases?

Encore comes with built in hassle free support for PostgreSQL databases.

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