Roles & Permissions

For teams building applications together

Encore applications have three membership roles with different permissions: Admins, Members, and Viewers. Here is a breakdown of the key differences between each role:

Manage team membersYNN
Connect/Disconnect cloud accountsYNN
Integrate with GitHubYNN
Configure custom domainsYNN
Manage environmentsYNN
Create auth keysYNN
Approve infrastructure provisioningYNN
Delete applicationsYNN
Push code changesYYN
Create builds & deploymentsYYN
Configure secretsYYN
Pull secretsYYY
Run locallyYYY
View API documentationYYY
View Encore FlowYYY


Admins have full privileges and can administer your entire application.


Members are active contributors to your applications. They are able to do everything that is not limited to Admins.


Viewers are read-only members. They can view the Cloud Dashboard and run your application locally.

This role is intended for any team members not contributing directly to your Encore application, but who still get value from certain access. In a bigger team, this role is often appropriate for e.g. Frontend developers and Product Managers.

Custom roles & permissions

Custom roles & permissions is an optional add-on to the Pro plan, please contact us to discuss your requirements.