Usage limits

Encore Cloud limits and Fair Use guidelines

Encore comes with a built-in development cloud, Encore Cloud, that is free to use for development and limited scale commercial projects without any specific SLA requirements. Encore Cloud is subject to Fair Use guidelines and comes without warranty, as it's not intended for large-scale business-critical use cases.

For production use cases, Encore is designed to be used together with your cloud on the major cloud providers (AWS/GCP), and provides full DevOps automation for deployments to your own cloud account. This means Encore has no incentive to increase your usage – rather we can focus on building tools to help you minimize your cloud spending! (Should you wish to use Encore Cloud instead of your own cloud account, please contact us.)

When you use Encore together with AWS/GCP, you can still use Encore Cloud to host Preview Environments and development environments.

Examples of Fair Use

  • Prototyping & development
  • Hobby projects
  • Commercial use cases that have limited load and do not require any SLAs

Never Fair Use

  • Proxies and VPNs
  • Media hosting for hot-linking
  • Scrapers
  • Crypto Mining
  • CPU-intensive APIs (e.g.: Machine Learning)
  • Load Testing

Usage guidelines

We expect most users to fall within the usage limits below. We want to be as flexible and permissive as possible, and will wherever possible reach out and work with you to find a good solution should we notice that you are exceeding these limits.

For users on a paid plan, we can change these limits to support your needs. If you have significantly higher requirements, this may come with an additional charge (at cost) to cover the extra capacity. Please contact us for more information.

We will never charge you for usage of Encore Cloud unless expressly agreed in advance.

Usage limits

Per application
Requests100,000 / day
Database Storage1 GB
PubSub Messages100,000 / day
Cron JobsOnce every hour

What happens if I reach a usage limit?

If your application reaches a usage limit, we will not automatically stop it. Our team will reach out to you, and work with you to find a solution that does not cause any undue disruption to your application.