Participating in the Encore community

The Encore community is composed of developers that are building both hobby and commercial projects with Encore.

We rely on this group, and its contributions, to improve Encore. Getting involved is also a fantastic way of finding support and inspiration among peers.

Everyone is welcome in our community, and we want you to get involved too!

Explore the community

Here are ways in which you can participate in discussion, share your thoughts and ideas, and get support from other developers.


Join our Slack group to take part in ongoing conversation or if you need answers straight away.

GitHub Discussions

Integrated into the repository, you can use GitHub Discussions to ask for help or share your ideas.


If you've built something interesting and want to share it, use the hashtag #builtwithencore to make it easier for others to find it. You can also Tweet us at @encoredotdev.


The Encore Roadmap is public. It's open to your comments, feature requests, and you can vote on existing entries.


Want to make a contribution to Encore? Great!

Start by reading about the different ways in which to contribute.

Community Governance

We recommend everyone read the Community Principles.

If you need assistance, have concerns, or have questions for the Community team, please email us at [email protected].