Development Workflow

Building a backend with Encore is as simple as writing a function.

  • Write your API handler

    The first step to an Encore app is to write your API handler as a plain old function, with the // encore:api public annotation.

  • Run your app

    To run your app, type encore run in the terminal.

  • Deploy by pushing

    To deploy to production, git push origin master .
    It's that simple.

Managed Infrastructure

Encore automatically sets up the necessary infrastructure.
From build & deployment pipelines, to databases and running your app using Serverless technology.

  • Serverless

    Applications built with Encore are automatically serverless.Your app auto-scales with load.

  • Databases

    When you use a SQL database in code, Encore automatically creates it for you and connects securely to it. No passwords to worry about.

  • Build & Deploy

    Build & Deploy pipelines are set up automatically. Just push to master.

  • Avoid Lock-in

    We don't believe in lock-in. We'll help you migrate away from Encore, no questions asked.

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