The Cloud Native
Backend framework

Encore is a new way of building backends.
It simplifies the whole development process,
from idea to production.

A better way to build APIs

Achieve productivity you couldn't even dream of.

  • Live Reload

    Automatically recompiles and restarts your app for even faster iterations.

  • APIs made simple

    The fastest way to build backend services. No boilerplate.

  • Distributed Tracing

    Automatically instruments your app for state of the art tracing.

  • Serverless

    Deploys your whole app with the latest serverless technology.

  • API Documentation

    High-quality API docs, generated straight from your source code.

  • Preview Environments

    Each PR becomes its own, isolated test environment.

  • Database Migrations

    Effortlessly evolve your database schema over time, locally and in production.

  • Avoid Vendor Lock-in

    Write cloud-agnostic code. Deploy to any cloud.

  • Auto-Scale

    Your app is automatically auto-scaled to minimize costs and maximize performance.

  • Monitoring

    Out-of-the-box monitoring and logging functionality, so you can sleep at night.

  • CI/CD

    Integrated build and deployment pipeline. No need to configure your own.

  • Secrets

    We've made securely storing passwords simpler than ever.

Backend Development.

Write business logic and let us take care of the rest.

No Boilerplate.

With Encore you can write pure business logic. We'll take care of building, deploying, and running your code. No need to worry about managing any infrastructure.

  • APIs as functions

    Write APIs as plain functions, that receive and respond with data.
    Call other APIs like you would regular functions.

  • No Boilerplate

    Don't spend time copy-pasting YAML files when you could be building your app. Encore handles build & deployment, service discovery, configuring databases, and more.

  • Write once, run everywhere

    Write your code once and run it everywhere: locally, in staging and production. Environments stay in sync always.

package hello
import "context"
type Response struct {
Message string
// World responds with a familiar message.
// encore:api public
func World(ctx context.Context) (*Responseerror{
return &Response{Message"Hello, world!"},  nil

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