Improved tracing
July 09, 2021
1 Min Read

Encore now includes even better Distributed Tracing support out of the box!

Stack traces

Stack traces are incredibly useful for debugging, but common wisdom is that they're too slow to collect at scale. Encore's deep integration across the stack enabled us to do this in a highly performant way, by only snapshotting program counters at runtime and mapping it to source code information when the trace is viewed. This enables Encore to collect stack traces in less than 300ns!

The end result is that Encore now provides complete stack traces for all events, including API calls, database queries, log messages, and so on.

Automatic HTTP Tracing

Encore now also includes automatic tracing of outgoing HTTP requests. This also works out of the box, and works for all HTTP calls using Go's standard library net/http package.

Hope you enjoy the new release!