Escape complexity
Develop faster

Encore gives developers hours back every day, normally wasted on boilerplate and cloud complexity. By building simpler and more observable applications, teams save weeks on every new feature.

Encore helps teams unlock transformational improvements
2-3x faster
4x faster
50% fewer
Mason Stewart, CTO,

"Encore lowers our cloud bill and DevOps workload simultaneously."

Encore is a breath of fresh air after years of hand-rolled preview apps and staging instances.

Encore is cheaper, faster, and easier to manage.

Mason StewartCTO,
Mason Stewart, CTO,
Mason Stewart
Will Demaine, Co-Founder, Hyperelliptic Labs

"Encore lets us go from idea to shipped product at least 3x faster."

Encore saves us hours of DevOps work every week.

For a small team, it's invaluable to have all of the tooling built for us out of the box.

Will DemaineCo-Founder, Hyperelliptic Labs
Will Demaine, Co-Founder, Hyperelliptic Labs
Will Demaine
Co-Founder, Hyperelliptic Labs
David Mytton, CEO,

"Encore saves us weeks of work on DevOps activities."

Encore handles things like boilerplate, logging and tracing, and setting up new environments.

This allows us to focus on the real product functionality so we can ship features and react to customer feedback within hours.

David MyttonCEO,
David Mytton, CEO,
David Mytton
Daniel Stocks, CTO, Carla

"We can now hire engineers to work on our core product rather than platform."

It was surprisingly easy to adapt our existing Go backend to Encore, requiring very few code changes.
Daniel StocksCTO, Carla
Daniel Stocks, CTO, Carla
Daniel Stocks
CTO, Carla

Build product, not platform

Encore takes care of your DevOps workflow and provisions all the environments you need.

This means all developers can stay focused on building product, instead of cloud distractions.

One team, one mental model

Encore applications are self-documenting and self-instrumenting with tracing and logging.

Now everyone, from backend and frontend engineers to DevOps and product managers, can have a shared understanding of exactly how the system works.

Never pay for unused cloud infrastructure again

It’s common to spend thousands each month on forgotten cloud infrastructure.

Not with Encore — it automatically sets up temporary preview environments, and keeps track of your infrastructure in all cloud environments.

Escape the maze

Migrating to Encore is surprisingly simple.
Start using Encore to build a new service, or refactor a legacy system.