All The Launches

06/05/24 / DAY 1

Introducing: Encore for TypeScript

Encore has simplified building event-driven and distributed systems in Go for years. Now, we're launching Encore for TypeScript, bringing the same simple workflow to TypeScript developers everywhere.

It's designed around a new Open Source Backend SDK, which makes it really simple to create backend services and APIs, and use cloud infrastructure resources.

To power Encore for TypeScript, we've created a high-performance distributed systems runtime in Rust, which integrates with the standard Node.js runtime for full compatability with the Node.js ecosystem. It provides a massive performance increase over standard Node.js, increasing throughput by 7x and reducing response latency by 85%.

07/05/24 / DAY 2

Encore is fully Open Source + New affordable pricing

Encore's local development tools are now fully Open Source and completely standalone from needing an account with Encore.

We've simplified the configuration required to self-host Encore apps and improved the documentation for and ease of use.

Coming soon: more Open Source CLI tools making it even simpler to use Encore for building and deploy applications in a fully independent and Open Source way.

When you do want Encore to automate deployments, it's now even more accessible:
The Free plan now includes unlimited members, and we've drastically lowered the base price for our paid plan — by launching a new Pro plan starting at $39 per developer / month.

08/05/24 / DAY 3

Introducing: Serverless Postgres & Database branching powered by Neon

Encore now supports using Neon as a database provider for all your environments, including those in your cloud on AWS and GCP. Just connect your Neon account to use their highly scalable serverless Postgres.

When you use Neon for your production or testing database, you can configure Encore's built-in ephemeral Preview Environments to automatically branch off this database, seeding your Preview Environment with real-world data to simplify testing.

09/05/24 / DAY 4

Elevate with Encore & Ardan Labs

Ardan Labs is now Encore's official Go training partner, and to celebrate we're launching a program designed to help you enhance your skills and increase your visibility within the developer community.

You get discounts on Go training from the experts at Ardan Labs, and Encore provides coaching and financial support to help you speak at tech conferences.

Watch the launch video featuring a fireside chat with André Eriksson (Founder of Encore) and special guest Bill Kennedy (Partner at Ardan Labs).

10/05/24 / DAY 5

Introducing: AI API Creator

Speed up your development by turning prompts into production-ready code with Encore AI API Creator.

Integrated into Encore's local development dashboard, the new API Creator helps you quickly design and create new services and APIs, then add them directly to your app. All without leaving the dashboard.

Unlike most other AI tools, Encore's AI API Creator has a purpose-built workflow that gives you much more control over the API design and allows for simple and fast manual edits, without requiring endless prompting.

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