Encore is fully Open Source

Encore's Open Source tools can now be used without an Encore account, plus we've improved our free and paid plans.

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It's Day 2 of Launch Week and we're continuing the week by launching something for the community...

We’re excited to share some big updates to Encore and our Open Source project:

  • Encore’s local development tools are now fully Open Source and can be used without an Encore account.
  • We've simplified the configuration required to self-host Encore apps and improved the documentation for and ease of use.
  • The Free plan now gets unlimited seats.
  • We’ve launched a new Pro plan at a much lower price, just $39 per member per month.
  • Coming soon: Additional Open Source tools for managing deployments without using the Cloud Platform.

You can now use Encore in a fully Open Source way, using your own deployment process

With this launch, all TypeScript and Go developers now have free and independent access to Encore’s local development workflow, with tools like automated local infrastructure management, local tracing, test tracing, and API explorer.

Together with the Open Source tools for managing your own deployment workflow, this means teams in any organization can now use the Open Source Backend SDK to simplify their development workflow — regardless of how they prefer to solve for cloud deployment.

Users with Free accounts can now grow their teams for free

For Free users, we will keep offering a free cloud development platform to help you build your application and share it with the world. You still get free cloud environments with metrics, tracing, and pretty generous free usage limits.

What is changing? We’ve removed the team size limitation, so teams of any size can now use the Free plan!

Introducing Encore Pro: a much more affordable plan that adapts to your usage

With the introduction of our new plan — Pro — we’ve adjusted our pricing to better adapt to the varying needs of different teams. We’ve reduced the base cost with a much lower per-member price — to make it more affordable to get started using Encore. To ensure we still have a sustainable model, we’ve added a small usage-based fee for when you are using Encore to automate infrastructure and DevOps in your cloud on AWS or GCP.

  • New per member price: $39 / month
  • For DevOps automation in AWS/GCP environments, the new monthly price is $99 per environment + $1.7/month per resource.

Resources are your app's services, databases, Pub/Sub topics and subscriptions, cron jobs, caches, and secrets, in each environment.

For those on our pre-existing paid plan — Team — we’re making it optional to switch over to the new Pro plan. Any team that wants to remain on the legacy price plan will be grandfathered in.

If you do want to switch over, you’ll likely get cost savings, especially if you’re a small team just getting started. Our ambition is that this structure will better align the price with the value you get from Encore, both when you are first starting and when you have a large team and system.

Learn more: Check out the Pricing page for more information on each tier, or join our Discord Community to ask questions.

Try it yourself

Get started by installing Encore and trying one the example apps using encore app create. It’s free and open source.

$ brew install encoredev/tap/encore

If you have any questions or just want to hang out with other developers, join our community on Discord.


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