Get started with Encore quickly

Install the Encore CLI

To work with Encore you need our command-line utility. Install by running the appropriate command for your system.

Mac OS:

brew install encoredev/tap/encore


iwr https://encore.dev/install.ps1 | iex


curl -L https://encore.dev/install.sh | bash

Make sure Docker is installed and running

To create Encore applications with databases, you need Docker installed and running. If you haven't already, install Docker before proceeding.

Create your app

Create your app by running:

encore app create

Then press Enter to create your free account, following instructions on screen.

Coming back to the terminal, pick a name for your app.

Then select the Hello World app template.

Run your app

Open the folder created for your application. (Note: Your App ID will be different)

cd hello-world-4x3b

Then while in the app root directory, run your app:

encore run

You should see this:

$ encore run
Running on http://localhost:4060
9:00AM INF registered endpoint endpoint=World service=hello

While you keep the app running, open a separate terminal and call your API endpoint:

$ curl http://localhost:4060/hello.World
{"Message": "Hello, world!"}

If you see this message, you've successfully created and run your first Encore application. Well done!

Open the Encore web application

While running your app, you can monitor local logs and traces by opening http://localhost:4060 in your browser.

Now head to the Encore web application where you can see production logs and traces, manage environments and configure your cloud hosting.