Integrate with a web frontend

When developing with Encore, one of the great parts is that calling API endpoints is just as easy as calling a function. This gives you a smooth developer experience complete with immediate auto-completion and compile-time checking of the data you pass in.

However, calling APIs from another project like a website or a mobile app has traditionally been a frustrating experience, involving lots of manual boilerplate to create type-safe client classes.

Not anymore. With Encore, you can generate type-safe clients to get all the same benefits for external projects.

Generating API clients

To generate a client, simply use encore gen client --lang=<lang> app-id, where lang is the language code. For example, to generate a type-safe TypeScript client, use --lang=typescript.

The precise structure of the generated code depends on the language, to make sure it's idiomatic and easy to use, but always includes all the publicly accessible endpoints, data structures, and documentation strings.

See encore gen client --help for a list of currently supported languages.