REST API Starter

This is a RESTful API Starter with a single Hello World API endpoint.

Developing locally

When you have installed Encore, you can create a new Encore application and clone this example with this command.

encore app create my-app-name --example=hello-world

Running locally

encore run

While encore run is running, open http://localhost:9400/ to view Encore's local developer dashboard.

Using the API

To see that your app is running, you can ping the API.

curl http://localhost:4000/hello/World


Deploy your application to a staging environment in Encore's free development cloud:

git add -A . git commit -m 'Commit message' git push encore

Then head over to the Cloud Dashboard to monitor your deployment and find your production URL.

From there you can also connect your own AWS or GCP account to use for deployment.

Now off you go into the clouds!


encore test ./...