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From prompt to production with one integrated workflow.

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It's Day 5 of Launch Week and today we've got something to help you move even faster when building production-ready APIs...

We're excited to launch a major new addition to the Encore platform: Encore AI API Creator, an AI-powered workflow designed to help you write code for new services and APIs. The new workflow lets you build your application with less repetitive manual work — so you can focus on system design and business logic.

Unlike most other AI tools, Encore's AI API Creator has a purpose-built workflow that gives you much more control over the API design and allows for simple and fast manual edits, without requiring endless prompting.

The AI API Creator is integrated in Encore's local development dashboard, and when you're done with your API you just hit save and the API is added instantly to your locally running application.

Feature Highlights

  1. AI-generated code & documentation: Input a prompt describing the API you need, e.g. "a CRUD API for managing users", and AI API Creator will take it from there; generating clean, efficient, and ready-to-use Encore code.
  2. Purpose-built workflow: Many AI tools are a simple frontend on top of ChatGPT, which often leads to a disjointed, slow, and error-prone workflow. With Encore AI API Creator, we’ve created a guided workflow that is designed to replicate how a developer might approach creating a new API. Starting with high-level API design, before moving on to Schema design and Error cases.
  3. Seamlessly integrated: AI API Creator is fully integrated into Encore’s local development dashboard, fitting into your existing workflow. There’s no need to switch tools or contexts—when you’re happy with your generated code, just hit “save” to add it directly to your locally running application.

Why use AI API Creator?

  • Remove repetition: Save valuable time by reducing the need to write and revise boilerplate code. Let AI API Creator take care of the routine, so you can focus on high-level design and business logic.
  • Freedom for creativity: With the heavy lifting handled by AI API Creator, you’re free to experiment more freely and creatively, exploring new ideas without the overhead of repetitive coding.

Try it yourself

AI API Creator is now available in Encore for Go and is coming soon to Encore for TypeScript. You'll find it in the AI Lab tab in the local development dashboard.

If you're already using Encore, simply update your CLI using encore version update.

If you're new to Encore, install the CLI and create an app using encore app create. It’s free and open source.

$ brew install encoredev/tap/encore

We believe this new tool will make a big difference in your development process, letting you move faster and more efficiently, all while having a lot more fun. Try it out and find out how much more you can achieve when the repetitive is automated.

If you have any questions or just want to hang out with other developers, join our community on Discord.


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