Encore v1.0 — A new day for backend dev
April 22, 2022
2 Min Read

We're incredibly excited to announce Encore v1.0. With this release, Encore is fully prepared to support you in your next creative endeavour.

It's our belief that Encore will transform developers' lives. Our work will become far more joyful and creative. Rather than it being 80% about configuring tools and services that have been reconfigured thousands of times before, we'll spend our days building new products that have a real impact. And that could have huge benefits for society. Imagine the exciting innovations if the world's 25+ million developers are freed up to be five times more productive!

We hope that Encore will open things up to a broader range of folk. You won't need to have a deep understanding of the nuances of cloud services to develop world-changing software that is available on a global scale. Now more people who are passionate about real-world issues which they're trying to solve will be empowered to have an incredible impact.

Highlights of what's been added in this release

AWS Cloud deployments now generally available

We're happy to announce that we've added full support for deploying your Encore applications to Amazon Web Services. This is a huge milestone, as Encore now supports deploying seamlessly to all major cloud providers.

If you wish, you can easily deploy your application to all of them, for those multi-cloud bragging rights. With Encore it's as easy as connecting your cloud account. There's no second step.

Check out the docs to learn how to connect your Encore app to your AWS account and start deploying in minutes.

Speedier builds and structured logs

When you deploy your Encore application, it takes care of building your app, provisioning the necessary infrastructure, and orchestrating the deployment. With this release, we've made builds blazing fast and laid the foundation for better and more structured build logs. Behind the scenes we've ripped out GCP Cloud Build and replaced it with our own firecracker based builder. If this tickles your fancy, we're busy writing an in-depth article on this very topic. Watch this space for more details.

structured build logs

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • We've upgraded the Encore fork of the Go runtime to 1.18.1 (it's now 0.0.1 better than before)

We're excited to hear your feedback!

Catch you in the cloud, The Encore Team