Full Azure support is here!
April 01, 2022
2 Min Read

Deploy your Encore application to Microsoft Azure

azure cloud support One of the core beliefs behind Encore is that developers shouldn't need to worry about the intricacies of cloud infrastructure. Instead you should focus on being creative and crafting unique software for your users.

To achieve this, Encore enables you to deploy your applications to any supported clouds (yes plural), without making code changes. We're super excited to announce we've now added full support for Microsoft Azure to the list!

Float into the flow with Azure:

  • Create a new environment and deploy your app to Azure in minutes.
  • Keep using all Encore features in exactly the same way as before!
  • Run multiple environments across Azure / GCP / Encore for the same app. (AWS dropping soon!)

Check out the docs to learn more.

Bugfixes and other improvements

  • Added support for line based comments on struct fields.

— Thanks to Javi Alvarez, Valeria Viana Gusmao, Denis Denis, Vilhelm Melkstam, Max D, Alessandro Resta and Richard Palm for your contributions and bug reports. (WOW, what a long list, and what a great community!)

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What's next

Over the coming weeks we'll be adding AWS to the mix, dropping a huge UI update, and get on with adding native support for Queues and Object storage.

– Remember, you can share your comments and ideas on our Public Roadmap.

As always, if you have questions or feedback, join us on Discord or just reply to this email.

We're excited to hear your feedback!

Catch you in the cloud,

André (Founder) & the Encore team