Yet Another Developer Platform

If you're spending more time on tooling than product, you're doing it wrong.

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Are you tired of seeing similar tools and internal platforms being built over and over again? Feel like each company you work in is investing time and resources in the same thing, instead of focusing on building a unique product that solves real problems for users?

You're not alone

It's a common problem in the software engineering world: teams spend countless hours building out the same workflows and putting together tools and infrastructure that have been built thousands of times before in other companies.

The opportunity cost – not spending all that time and energy on functionality for users – boggles the mind. Just imagine the millions of engineers who are spending their days bogged down in the minutia of building out the same basic building blocks that every other team is using, instead of focusing on what makes their product unique and valuable to users.

You might be thinking, but surely these tools are what help us build a great product?

Users don't care about your Helm Charts

Users only care about the end result. They care about whether your product solves their problems and makes their lives better. And if you're spending all your time building out the same infrastructure as everyone else, you're not focusing on what really matters.

Developer FOMO

So why do teams keep building out the same tools over and over again? Commonly, we hear developers worrying that if they don't build with latest, greatest, and most powerful tools, they'll fall behind. Part of this comes down to a lack of perspective on the real needs of the product and team, making mistakes like:

  • Overestimating and overcomplicating scalability requirements
  • Overestimating the value of future-proofing, while ignoring the immediate benefits of a cohesive workflow for developers

But the truth is, most of the time integrating hyped-up tools is not a competitive advantage. It's a waste of time and resources that could be better spent building a product that is truly unique and valuable.

Don't build yet another develop platform

The next time you're making these decisions, ask yourself: is this really the best use of our time and resources? Or could we be focusing on something that truly sets us apart from the competition?

All of this wasted opportunity is what we're trying to solve with Encore.

Similar to how companies like Stripe and Shopify have commoditized payments and e-commerce capabilities for the benefit of countless teams out there, we're investing in a developer platform that many teams can benefit from and avoid the wasteful grind of standing up yet another internal platform.

It's also why we're taking an end-to-end approach, instead of focusing only on a thin slice of the developer-tooling cake as most devtools companies are doing. We're trying to make sure teams have all the key tools they need, enabling them to build fantastic products and get them into the hands of users.

We did it, so you don't have to.


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