Pexels Photo & Video Library

This is an Encore package for searching and retrieving photos and videos from Pexels.


  1. Copy over the pexels package directory to your Encore application.
  2. Sync your project dependencies by running go mod tidy.

Pexels API Key

You will need an API key from Pexels to use this package. You can get one by signing up for a free account at

Once you have the API key, set it as an Encore secret using the name PexelsApiKey:

$ encore secret set --type dev,prod,local,pr PexelsApiKey Enter secret value: ***** Successfully updated development secret PexelsApiKey.


The pexels package contains the following endpoints:

  • pexels.SearchPhotos - Search Pexels for photos.

  • pexels.CuratedPhotos - Receive real-time photos curated by the Pexels team.

  • pexels.GetPhoto - Retrieve a specific photo.

  • pexels.SearchVideos - Search Pexels for videos.

  • pexels.PopularVideos - Retrieve the current popular Pexels videos.

  • pexels.GetVideo - Retrieve a specific video.

  • pexels.FeaturedCollections - Retrieve all featured collections on Pexels.

  • pexels.MyCollections - Returns all of your collections.

  • pexels.CollectionMedia - Returns all the media (photos and videos) within a single collection.

Frontend example usage

After generating a request client for your frontend you can call the endpoints like this:

// Making request to locally running backend... const client = new Client(Local); // or to a specific deployed environment const client = new Client(Environment("staging")); const resp = await client.pexels.SearchPhotos({ Query: "cats", Page: 1, PerPage: 15, Color: "", Locale: "", Size: "", Orientation: "", }); console.log(resp.total_results); console.log(;

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