UX Improvement Bonanza!
August 25, 2021
2 Min Read

Encore now has much improved documentation, and an improved encore run experience!

Revamped Documentation

  • Reworked documentation site from the ground up
  • Open sourced docs so anybody can contribute to better docs
  • Added documentation search
  • Improved CONTRIBUTING.md instructions
Encore Docs

Improved encore run experience

We added more real-time feedback about what Encore is doing when starting up. This especially helps when starting to use Encore and there's lots of things happening (compiling the Go standard library and all app dependencies, pulling docker images for PostgreSQL, creating the database, etc) that take time. See screenshot below!

encore run

Minor improvements and bugfixes

  • Added support for GitHub Codespaces (#54)
  • Encore now recognizes both Authorization: Token foo as well as Authorization: Bearer foo for authentication
  • Added ENCORE_DAEMON_DEV=1 to make it easier to develop the Encore daemon
  • Fixed Windows terminal handling (#56)
  • Fixed building from source on Windows (#57)
  • Fixed json.RawMessage handling in generated TypeScript client (#73)
  • Fixed API Explorer sometimes inferring the wrong HTTP method (#74)
  • Fixed incorrectly passing in HTTP body for GET requests (#45)
  • Fixed API Explorer default payload for float64 (#43)
  • Fixed CORS headers for less common HTTP methods
  • Fixed int and uint handling in the API Explorer

Contributions and thanks

  • @vilhelmmelkstam for his numerous bug reports and bug fixes!
  • @frzam for fixing several bugs related to Windows and terminal handling!
  • @mvp-joe for lots of great feedback and bug reports over in Encore's Slack community
  • And thanks as always to everybody for helping make Encore great.