Faster, Reliabler™, Better
February 15, 2022
2 Min Read

Happy 2022! (We're a bit late to the party, we know...) We’ve been heads down improving our platform and are super excited to finally announce these product updates.

We’ve just shipped some huge improvements to make your applications faster, and ensure our service is more reliable as you’re developing.

Encore now offers full support for Google Cloud Run, adding an even easier and cheaper way to deploy to your own cloud account. Perfect for getting your next idea up and running quickly.

We’ve also integrated with Cloudflare, giving you the full power of their edge network, for even lower latency and higher performance. This works transparently across all the cloud providers we support, including Encore Cloud.


Auth Keys

Sometimes it’s practical to use the Encore CLI in an automated fashion, for instance to automatically run tests in a CI/CD pipeline beyond what Encore already provides. That was trickier than it should have been, since the CLI required interactive login. But no longer!

We now support pre-authenticated keys that grant a machine user access to a single Encore application, perfect for your CI environments and other automated tools. — Read more about auth keys in the docs.

Auth Keys

Password-based & Social Login

Logging in with one-time codes over email can be annoying because you can’t use your password manager. We hear you! That’s why we’re happy to announce we’ve now rolled out password-based login and social login. — Next time you log in you’ll need to set a password using “Reset password” on the login screen, using the same email address as before.

What’s next

Over the next fews weeks we’ll be adding lots more powerful features to help you build your next great product faster. Soon we’re adding native support for Cron Jobs, Custom API Domains, Object Storage (S3), Pub/Sub, and more. — Remember, you can share your comments and ideas on our Public Roadmap.

That’s it for this time! As always, if you have questions or feedback, join us on Discord. We’re excited to hear your feedback.