Introducing the App Metadata API
May 13, 2022
2 Min Read

As developers, we often find ourselves in situations where we need to change something in our codebase, but don't want to change it everywhere the code is deployed.

Using Encore's new App Metadata API, you can now query the runtime to find out what environment the application is running in. Which means you can easily load the appropriate configuration files into memory and get the correct behavior for each environment.

This makes it a breeze to do things like:

  • Use different cloud services per environment
  • Define environment specific business logic

Check out the docs to learn more.


With this release, we've updated the runtime API with the new metadata API's and types. To upgrade you will need to both:

  • Run encore version update to download v1.1.0 of the Encore compiler.
  • In each of your Encore applications, you will also need to run go get -u to upgrade to the latest runtime API.

Bugfixes and other improvements

  • We've made a ton of improvements to Encore's SQLDB handling! Including upgrading to PostgreSQL 14, and adding support for external DB clusters for CI/CD.
  • The Encore runtime now shuts down with grace.
  • Encore now runs on Go 1.18.2.
  • In case you've missed it, we've launched a new visual identity and have given the website a lot of love!
  • ...and much more.

— Thanks to @davidmytton, @klemmster, @ValeriaVG, @vilhelmmelkstam, @kwihl, and @MaxDanielsson for your contributions, bug reports, and feedback!

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What's next

Over the coming weeks we'll be releasing a vastly improved web UI, and focus on adding much requested flexibility to the Encore framework. We'll add improved support for things like: http headers in Encore APIs, middleware, and dependency injection.

As always, if you have questions or feedback, tell us on Discord or just reply to this email.

We're excited to hear your feedback! ❤️

Catch you in the cloud,
The Encore team