Quick install

To use Encore you must first install it. You're in luck; installing it is really simple!

Installing Docker

The first thing you need is to install Docker. Docker is needed by Encore to run certain things when you're developing Encore apps locally, such as databases.

It's technically not needed if you don't need a database, but most apps do so we encourage you to set it up!

After installing it, check that it works by running docker version from your shell. If it works, you should see something like this:

Docker version 18.09.2, build 6247962

Installing Encore

The next and final step is installing Encore. Head over to the download page and download the latest release for your Operating System.

Once you've installed it, log in to your account using either the app (on macOS) or by typing encore login in your terminal (Linux).

You are then all set!

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