Encore is a fully-featured backend framework for rapidly building serverless backends, perfect for combining with modern frontend applications. It's designed for the modern cloud, and enables you to focus on building your product without having to worry about infrastructure and unnecessary boilerplate.

Encore is also a platform, that lets you easily build, deploy, and manage your cloud infrastructure, and supports deploying to all the major clouds.

Designed for simplicity

Encore simplifies all the common backend development tasks, from writing code to shipping to production, and even debugging when things go wrong. It's designed from the ground up to provide an incredible developer experience.

With Encore you can focus on writing the business logic to shape your product. With the business logic in place, Encore analyzes the code to understand how your application works:

  • What backend services you have defined
  • The API functions each service exposes, and where they are called from other services
  • What infrastructure resources (such as databases) each service requires

Encore uses this knowledge to automate everything else for maximum productivity, such as:

  • Setting up HTTP servers, encoding and decoding requests and responses
  • Provisioning infrastructure for production and testing environments, with true serverless deployments
  • Generating API documentation based on API request/response schemas
  • Simplifying collaboration through Preview Environments for pull requests