A world-class developer experience

Encore provides a developer experience unlike anything else. It seamlessly integrates your whole development workflow, from coding to running code in production. Set up a new service, database, or API endpoint in seconds. Collaborate easier with other developers through generated documentation & API client wrappers, and more. [Read more]

Avoid vendor lock-in

Cloud providers provide instant access to the best infrastructure products in the world, but they come at a cost. Using these products requires you to write a lot of code that is specific to your cloud provider, which leads to vendor lock-in and prevents you from easily moving to another cloud provider.

With Encore, your code is expressed at a higher level of abstraction that is not dependent on the cloud provider you use, which drastically reduces the lock-in effect.

In case you’re worried about being locked in to Encore itself, we'll gladly help you migrate your code away from Encore.

Managed infrastructure

Setting up all kinds of infrastructure is normally a big time sink when it comes to building backend applications. Databases need to be provisioned, Kubernetes clusters configured, passwords and credentials securely stored, build and deployment pipelines copy-pasted, and so on.

With Encore all of these are taken care of for you, with a best-practices approach right out of the box. Never worry about setting up a build pipeline or debugging yaml files for your Kubernetes cluster again.

Next-Generation Serverless

Serverless — abstracting away from worrying about servers — is great in theory, but oftentimes comes with big architectural challenges in terms of having to manage hundreds of individual functions. Encore provides the best of both worlds: you create the functions that make the most sense, and let them call each other however they wish, and we’ll deploy your whole application completely serverlessly.

Easy to learn

Modern backend development comes with a steep learning curve. Just to ship a simple “Hello World” service to production requires learning frameworks, build & deployment systems, Kubernetes. Not to mention the hundreds of lines of copy-pasted boilerplate, scouring the internet for obscure error messages and debugging syntax errors in yaml.

To learn more, follow our excellent tutorial. You’ll be shipping production apps in minutes, not weeks.

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